stinky breathHas your pet got increasingly smelly breath? Are they pawing at the mouth? Have you noticed your pets being less inclined to eat hard food like biscuits? Maybe they are less eager to pick up the ball and play fetch?

It might be that dental disease is to blame.

At the Old Reynella Veterinary Clinic, we offer free dental checks* with our Veterinarians. The Veterinarian will visually assess the teeth and give their recommendations, based on their findings.

There are breeds of dogs and cats that can be predisposed to dental disease. This is often the case in pets with overbites/underbites, retained baby teeth, short palates (Pugs, French Bulldogs, Persians), etc.

If your pet requires a dental clean, a general anaesthetic is required to perform a proper assessment of the teeth. As per the Australian Veterinary Association, their policy regarding Anaesthesia-free dentistry is as follows ‘performing anaesthesia-free dentistry on dogs and cats is not appropriate. Comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment cannont properly proceed whilst an animal is conscious’. Go to if you would like to read more from their statement.

Dental cleans are a day surgery procedure. They are admitted for their general anaesthetic with the nurse in the morning, they are then with us for the day, going home anywhere between 4pm – 6.30pm, dependant on their recovery. Their procedure will include as a minimum: a general anaesthetic, intravenous fluid therapy, dental scale and polish and pain relief injection. This will change depending on the Grade of dental disease your pet has. The higher the grade, the increased anaesthetic and surgical time for extractions, then with extractions will come extra take home pain relief and antibiotics.

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have had a tooth pain yourself, you would know how uncomfortable it is! It is the same for your pet… As your Dentist will also tell you, the longer bad/loose teeth are left, the worse the disease/decay will get, and the cost of treatment will increase as will the risks to pet.
Dental disease grades

For more information, also check out dentistry services and our dental information leaflet.
*The dental check with the Veterinarian is free. If anything else on your pet requires checking, this will then become a Consultation, in which you will be charged a consultation fee. Medication and services are all at additional costs.