Many of the laws that pertain to human health surrounding medication prescriptions, also apply to the Veterinary world. ‘Prescriptions only’ and ‘Prescription animal’ medications are referred to as S4 medications. These can only be prescribed by a Registered Veterinarian that has made a professional diagnosis of a patient that is currently under their care.

The law requires that we recheck an animal every 6 months in order to continue medications. Some rechecks may need to be more frequent depending on the pet and their medical issue.

Rechecks are vital for the following reasons:

  1. Pets age differently to us. The general rule is that they age 7 years for each one of our years. 6 monthly rechecks therefore equate to us visiting our Doctor every 3 1/2 years… In this time other issues may also come up that need addressing.
  2. Medication dose or frequency may change. This can vary depending on the type of medication they are on, their response to the medication and results of blood testing (specific diseases).
  3. Ensure their body weight stays the same. Medications are often dosed based on the body weight of your pet. Any increase or decrease in weight may require a change in medication dosing.
  4. Ensure they are not showing any signs of side effects. These may not be immediately apparent so blood testing may be recommended to ensure their liver and kidneys (and other organs) are able to process and metabolise the medications effectively.



In order to redispense medication, we require 48 hour’s notice for repeat prescription requests. This allows our Doctors to check through your pet’s history and make changes as required. This also allows for medication to be ordered in if needed. Once a prescription is ready to be collected, you will receive a SMS or phone call.

As mentioned above, all pets requiring ongoing prescriptions must have a consultation every 6 months. Annual vaccinations are included in this and any other visit that requires a physical exam. Routine nail clipping or anal gland expressions are not classed as a medication review.

Please make sure you allow 48 hours before needing medication for your pet. Please keep this in mind to prevent your pet running out prior to the 48-hour window. Should you change your contact information, please update our clinic to these changes to avoid any missed communications.

We thank you for your understanding.