When booking in your pet for surgery, you will be given an surgical admission time. This time is booked for you to complete the Surgical and Anaesthetic Consent Form with a Veterinary Nurse, who can answer any questions you may have about the procedure.  Prior to your pet undergoing a general anaesthetic or sedation, it is important to follow the below guidelines:

  • No food after 8pm, the night prior to surgery. This means no morning treats!
  • Water is to be made available up until your pets arrival at the clinic
  • Bath your pet prior to their surgical procedure. This does not have to be done on the day, look at washing them the weekend before. Depending on what procedure they are in for, if they receive any sutures, they will not be able to be bathed for at least 10 days following their procedure. Cats are an exception!
  • Ensure your pet has had time to go to the toilet before coming in
  • Please ensure you bring your pet in either on lead or secured in a carrier. Your pet may be friendly but not all pets like to interact with each other
  • You are welcome to bring your pets favorite toy or blanket if you feel it would make them more comfortable
  • Our consent form requires two contact phone numbers for the day, please ensure you have these to place onto the consent form
  • A discharge appointment time will be booked with one of the Veterinarians or Veterinary Nurses, depending on the procedure performed. At this time we will discuss your pets needs following their procedure.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets have different requirements. These little guys are fed up until their procedure. It is important that you bring with them a ‘lunch box’ filled with their favorite foods to give them when they wake up.